logo digital fingers

Digital Fingers is the company name someone thought up for me, because I’m quick to solve people’s digital problems.

I’m an experienced Software Engineer (for over 20 years) and a christian. I’m passionate about Microsoft and other technology. I always learn. I’m quick to get to the bottom of new technologies or concepts. My motto is: Get to the core!

Technologies I have experience with:
Programming: C#, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Ethereum blockchain, ASP.NET, Web API, PowerShell, WPF, Xamarin.iOS, Bluetooth beacons, JavaScript, HTML, XML, SQL Server, T-SQL.

Concepts I have knowledge of:
Scrum, Kanban, Design thinking, MVP, Cloud, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, DevOps, Continuous Delivery, API’s.

Platforms I use:
Windows, Mac, iPhone.

– Reading about: technology, programming, economy, AI, Blockchain, science, biology, health, security
– Making electronic music

My “Hacker name”: woutercx

You can contact me through email (see below) or through the Contact page.

Twitter: @woutercx